The history of Palazzo Castriota begins in 1846 with the birth of my great-grandfather Luigi Castriota. After 10 years, the unification of Italy has been achieved and Luigi, who was thirty-five, married Isabella De Simone.

Luigi and Isabella loved the bucolic life and the countryside and during the renovations, they enlarged and embellished the building, which at that time was surrounded by hectares and hectares of land. Over the years, his foresight led him to purchase land and machinery for the production and distribution of agri-food products, in particular oil and wine.

Happy years and summers passed in the countryside and nine children were born.

Two of them, Salvatore and Augusto, led the company until the mid-1900s. Salvatore, who takes his name from his grandfather, has brought the building into modernity, providing it with every comfort, and giving you the opportunity to discover its beauty and to enjoy the happiness it has brought to him and to his family for more than a century, without forgetting what the life of people and objects was like over the years.


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